October 23, 2003

Hello Everyone!! Here it is the middle of October and I have not written a word. I am frantically getting ready for the Houston Quilt Show and I am up to my knees in fabric, threads and ribbon. I have 126 kits to do and it is my least favorite job

The good news is that we have the sales section up and running and I am thrilled with the results. The photography section is not up yet because I have purchased a new scanner, a Hewlett Packard and somehow I goofed up when installing I do not have a scanner to use right now....I will wait til I get back November 6th from Houston to tackle that Job.

I closed my last newsletter with the show at the Joan Hanley Gallery. It was a huge success and the show was up for two months.

I had the whole month of August off and it was wonderful. I spent a lot of time on the back porch, on the couch, reading all kinds of books. Oh alright!! so the first week I slept most of the this sneaky photo taken by my husband proves.

on the couch.jpg

Ernest and I managed to fit in quite a bit of dancing up at the Dog Bar where our brother and sister in law, Brent and Babz Seawell play with their blues band.

Visits by the grandchildren were the August highlights. Tara came over from Yokohama, Japan for her annual summer holiday with her children Rie and Gen. (Unfortunately their father Yo had to stay home because of work.) They stopped by for a week long stay on their way back from Farm camp in Ohio.

Every summer my Japanese grandchildren come home to stay with family and to go to summer camp. For the last two summers they have attended a farm camp in Ohio where they looked after animals and worked in the gardens. They loved it so much last summer that they insisted on returning. But for some reason the novelty wore off and they have announced to us that they will not be future farmers of America and have decided to try a different summer camp next year!
Here is a photo of them with their wonderful mother Tara. She drives back and forth across America every summer just so the children can experience America.....she is great.


Gen is now nine and Rie is eleven. They both love to dance and luckily for all of us we managed to fit in four nights of great dancing. One night our niece and nephew, Bo and Daniel Seawell were playing at Fort Francisco Days, out in the street . Their band is called Planet O and they play great R & B plus a lot of funk. Our whole family are dancing fools....we can dance to anything and need no excuse to get started. Rie,at the age of eleven is becoming an amazing dancer with moves that defie ballet and Martha Graham! Gen prefers to wow us with his roller sneakers and can do some terrific slide moves. Any way I think you realize now that we all love to dance. Of course their Grandpa is the best of all and when the music starts he forgets about the arthritis , the old knee injury and the fact that we live at an elevation of 7,000 feet!!

La Veta has a population of 900 people and is the best kept secret in the South West, This year saw an end to the dreadful five year drought and our garden was so glad. Here is a photo of our little cottage abuzz and abloom.

La VEta_August.jpg

La Veta is snuggled in the cleavage of the Wahatoya Mountains ( Wahatoyas means the breasts. I think all mountains reminded the explorers and the mountain men of breasts!!) The population is a wonderful mix of old hippies, artists, musicians, writers, old ranchers, and unfortunately an influx of wealthy
conservatives who have driven up the price of homes up beyond the reach of the locals....They came here because of the charm and unfortunatley now want to change it. Human nature never ceases to amaze me.
As you can see by the following photograph, you can hardly blame anyone for want to move here.
Wahatoya Mts. Colorado.jpg

My oldest Grand daughter Nicole Szilagyi came out from Los Angeles with her father Jim and boy friend Gabriel. It wa good to see her again. We managed to get a day in at Taos and that was really a fun day. We managed to go on a Saints day and the town was filled with tourists and merry makers. We went out to the Taos Pueblo and met with several Indian friends. The fry bread lady is quite a character and i think this picture is terrific of her.
Frybread Lady.jpg

I am off to Houston in the morning and will add more to this newsletter when I get back....all the best and thank you for your time and patience...

Love Judith

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