September 10, 2004

Hello Everyone;

I have not kept up with my newsletter because of several reasons.... I had a three month rest period at home. I literally collapsed in a heap.It took me a couple of weeks to finally stop worrying about work.

I accepted a crazy quilt project which will have to be finished this week for The "Encyclopedia of Needlework" by Liesure Arts. wholecq.jpg It is a sixteen square
quilt and it has been a twelve hour-for many weeks project. It features antique cigarette silks of famous stage actresses and is highly embellished. I started it in the Crazy Quilt classes held in Asilomar last march. We started four squares in the class and the students could turn the squares into a wall hanging or go on and make a quilt. Mine just kept growing untill I had 16 squares. I really enjoyed this project and I am a bit sorry to see it completed.

My Grandchildren came for a two week visit. It was wonderful to have three of them home this year. Tara came from Japan with Rie who is a gorgeous 13 year old and Gen who is all boy at 11 years old. We spent lots of time at the Dog Bar with good music and dancing. Jim came with our oldest granddaughter Nicole, now 20 years old and beautiful. Below is Nicole and Rie in their new cloths after a marathon shopping with Granny. On the right is our daughter Tara with Rie and Gen. We love having them with us.
NicoleRie04 copy.jpgTaraKids copy.jpg
We threw a Great Gatsby Garden party for 100 people and the garden was in fine fare. We had great weather along with great food, drink and live music.

It was a real celebration of the completion of the house and yard and a big thank you for the end of the drought. Above all we wanted to thank all our friends and family for their support in the monumental effort of restoring "The Old Carver Place". Here is Ernest with his little friend Katlin. She is the grand-daughter of our friend Suzy.GP_Ernest and Katlin04 copy.jpg She and her mother often house sit for us. Katlin is famous for playing house with our cats and dressing them in baby clothes. Needless to say when they see her they run for the hills. zLast time Alberta did not come home for three days.
As you can see by the smiles on our faces we had a great day. GP_ERSJUDE_04.jpgGP_FamilyFriends04.jpg

In August I flew into Calgary after teaching in Nashville for AQS to attend my niece's wedding. Kendra is the only child of my brother Jim. It was a wonderful affair and my sister in law Karen was radiant as mother of the bride. The wedding dinner and dance was typical of the ranching area I come from. The dancing and celebration went till 3:00 a.m. and we did not miss a dance. It was a fabulous wedding. Here is a photo of Kendra and Billy Oulton on their wedding day.Billy_Kendra04 copy.jpg

I leave in the morning for my beloved Canada and the Creston Quilt Conference.
My cousin Fay Walker is going with me and my sister Karen will meet us in Calgary. When we were little girls, we were raised like sisters....even wore matching outfits....we are a year apart in age with me as the eldest and Fay in the middle. We were separated when I was we have put together a two week holiday in Canada which revolves around my classes in Creston, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. We are leaving husbands, children and pets behind and have no particular plans except to have fun..... We will go through the Crow's Nest Pass and then up to Radium Hot Springs and Banff, then down to Morley Indian Reservation and out to Eden Valley reserve to visit friends. I will write a nice long newsletter when I get back......It will be a very nostalgic trip for all three of us.

Here is the new object of our affection. Her name is Ella Fitzgerald and she is a Great Pyreneese puppy.
Ernest and I went on July 3rd. to Art in the Park and thought we would stay about an hour. We came home with a giant puppy. She was one of nine, laying in the grass, sound asleep while all this commotion was going on. We met the lovely family from Kansas who owned the puppies and they were so nice. You can tell that Ella has had lots of tender loving care and attention.ella_1stbath.jpg
Ella had been raised on a farm with four children, lots of cats and lots of love. Debbie Eakes, the owner assured me they were great dogs. Ernest has always wanted his very own dog and I was hoping for a Corgi...even bought a book on them and everything. Before I knew it we were walking away with Ella and it has been a hoot ever since. I haven't seen stars in Ernest's eyes since our honeymoon and Ella has now taken first place...I somehow come is third or fourth behind Ella, Oscar The Wilde One and Alberta....EllaKiss.jpg

I really do not mind as he has never had his very own dog and he is so smitten with her....I am too. Here are a few photos....By the way she is now 15 weeks old and has quadrupled her size.
Ella has never whimpered or cried at night and curls up with two of the cats in her sheepskin blanket. Ernest has started puppy school with her but he thinks it is a waste of time because Ella already knows everything!!
It looks as though Oscar De Wilde One is going to be her best friend..they play together constantly. I don't think Oscar realizes that Ella will top out at 125 pounds!
I will sign off now and stop waxing on lyrical about our dear puppy. I am so looking forward to the upcoming trip and will have lots to tell you. I hope you are all well and happy......Love......Judith EllameetsOscar.jpg

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